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  1. I was stupid enough to download the new Java 1.6 to run LiveCharts because those idiots at eSignal could'nt make their new Livecharts run with other Java.
    Anyway I canceled my account.
    Now this new Java at least on my system is a POS.
    Some applets refuse to move from one monitor to the other and I was no longer able to get several applets from say Prophet Finance by refreshing the page. So I removed this POS Java.
    Be careful before you upgrade. I just KNEW I would have problems, usuall I nevr make any upgrade.

    Now the problem is the old version 1.5.01 I has apparently saved some of the settings of the 1.6 version and I am still not able to get several applets from one webpage. I am thinking about uninstalling then reinstall from 1.5.01 setup which I still have. Apparently Java will let me do this and not automatically download the newer version. But is it possible that in the setup they will ask me to download 1.6 which I really don't want ?

    And would there be another fix to my problem ? I went into Java
    control panel, and there deosn't seem to be any setting adressing the problem I am talking about.
  2. 1) Uninstall ALL installed Java versions.
    2) COLD reboot (shutdown,turnoff, reboot... not the same as restart)
    3) Reinstall version of choice, cancel or otherwise do not update.
    4) Goto Java Control Panel, turn-off automatic check for updates.
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    or try restoring back to the old java day.