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  1. hi i'm in the options business the last 3 years and i trade with a options dedicated broker,the last month i also start to demo the tws from IB , i must say that i'm impress from their technology trading and the commissions ,but i have some very serious questions from a trading for living trader like me about a firm that say that handle something 15% of the us options trading,first how it's possible that you cannot monitor the realtime p&l from your spreads or complex orders?just only any as single leg separately, also i cannot find a way to make leg in and leg out in my trades on the fly,and monitor any complex options trades e.g unbalanced butterfly, as a single positions,i read their manual,watch agaian and again the web casts,and communicate a lot of time with their help stuff but i didn't take any clear answer,how it's possible a so recognized trading firm have such imperfections?is any options trading software that integrate with tws solve such things?did i miss something? any thoughts?
  2. Hi. I am trying to submit a calendar equity option trade using the API and have been getting 2 kinds of errors-duplicate ID which is strange because I increment the id every time I submit an order. In addition, I also get a " security definition not found" even though I get the contract ID from TWs using the .reqcontractdetailsEx method. Here is my code in VB 6. I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions on how I can fire off a simple buy order of a calendar spread. I am a mid level Vb6 programmer but am pretty new w/ TWS.

    Private Sub Command2_Click()
    Dim x As Integer

    Set SpreadList = Tws1.createComboLegList

    Dim leg As twslib.IComboLeg
    Set leg = SpreadList.Add()
    leg.conId = 47857680
    leg.ratio = 1
    leg.Action = "BUY" = "SMART"
    leg.openClose = 0

    'Dim leg As twslib.IComboLeg
    Set leg = SpreadList.Add()
    leg.conId = 47857767
    leg.ratio = 1
    leg.Action = "SELL" = "SMART"
    leg.openClose = 0

    Set x_contInfo = Tws1.createContract
    x_contInfo.symbol = "QQQQ"
    x_contInfo.secType = "BAG" = "SMART"
    x_contInfo.comboLegs = SpreadList
    Set x_OrderTix = Tws1.createOrder
    x_OrderTix.Action = "BUY"
    x_contInfo.conId = 0

    x_OrderTix.lmtPrice = 0.04
    x_OrderTix.totalQuantity = 1
    x_OrderTix.orderType = "LMT"
    x_OrderTix.timeInForce = "GTC"
    x_OrderTix.orderId = txtRow.Text
    Call Tws1.placeOrderEx(txtRow.Text, x_contInfo, x_OrderTix)

    End Sub

    Thanks in advance.
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