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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by majikman1, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. majikman1


    I have been reading for a while and have not seen anything on 2 indicators I have been considering. One is Call KwikPop and the other is called The Squeeze Indicator. Anyone heard of these and do you have an opinion? Also the is something called waveriderpro. Don't know much about thaqt one either.
    I am considering these for ES mini trading and or scalping.
    Mainly looking for an indicator that show longer term trend and then confirming indicators to make a high percentage trade in the right direction. Anyhelp would be appreciated.
  2. alesund


    Forget it...all you have to consider is price. Exit rules are important. You can controll two things: yousrelf and the risk you are willing to take. Be sure to understand this and you will be saving years of trial and error.
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  3. Indicators blow, by the time you learn how to use them, the time you spent would have been better spent learning how to read PA.
  4. Cruiser1


    PA? Should I know what that term means?
  5. 6pst6


    price action