Help with IB order!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by snackly, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. snackly


    I can't get a hold of IB heldesk! I have an open position that I can not close from within TWS. WTF? Any advice? They claim all numbers are shut down now for support? What is that?
  2. cvds16


    Hong Kong should be open, you could try chat too.
  3. snackly


    Ok I called HK. Usually the US number will direct you to the HK number, but this time it didn't, which implied to me that everyone was closed.

    In any case, that was scary, I am using BracketTrader, and it somehow got out of synch with TWS, and left me totaly confused. Since I cannot make heads or tales of TWS, I was in a bit of a frenzie. HK took 15 minutes to help me close the position, and in the end it went against me by 10 pips. Not the end of the world but infuriating nonetheless, I kept asking can they just flatten my position for me at MKT, and they kept saying all they could do was to walk me through the steps in TWS.

    Whatever, annoying.

    Thanks, out :)
  4. It is a public holiday in HK (and probably China). You can call Europe now ... I don't know their hours but it should be on the website somewhere. Correction: Europe's been open for 27 minutes:

    Your experience today has taught you something valuable though. Well worth ten pips. I didn't learn the lesson until I stopped using zeroline trader and started using Sierra Chart to trade from the charts (beta phase :)).

    It is VERY important to be able to do basic trading on TWS main window. If you do nothing else just learn how to enter stop, limit and market orders by clicking on the bid price (to sell) and ask price (to buy). Don't worry about screwing up too much ... nothing happens until you select Transmit.

    Experiment with changing the prices etc ... its pretty easy once you get the hang of it and in the end its only when you drive TWS directly that IB are at all held to the outcomes of your efforts.

    It is easy, important, and will let you trade in a more relaxed confident manner if you can use TWS!!