Help with IB 1099 to Schedule D

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Sanjuro, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. Sanjuro


    The last two years, I used this wonderful free program:


    Within the last year, IB has updated it's online statements
    so it looks pretty in frames and stuff but now TradePair
    doesn't correctly import the data after I do a File -> Save As
    (text file).



    Trade Date ** Symbol Description Exch Qty Price Principal Comm
    ----------- -- ------ --------------- ------ ------ -------- ------------ --------
    03-JAN-2002 P AMAT APPLIED MATERIA ARCA 100 43.6400 -4364.00 -3.00
    03-JAN-2002 P AMAT APPLIED MATERIA ISLAND 200 43.6400 -8728.00 0.00
    03-JAN-2002 P AMAT APPLIED MATERIA BRUT -100 43.7800 4378.00 -3.00
    03-JAN-2002 P AMAT APPLIED MATERIA ISLAND -100 43.7800 4378.00 0.00
    03-JAN-2002 P AMAT APPLIED MATERIA ISLAND -100 43.7800 4378.00 0.00


    Date TimeDescriptionExchQtyPriceAmntCommCurrCode
    2003-01-02, 14:32:07QCOMISLAND-30036.661010,998.30-12.50USDP
    2003-01-02, 14:32:08QCOMSUPERSOES-10036.66003,666.000.00USDP
    2003-01-02, 14:32:08QCOMINSTINET-20036.66007,332.000.00USDP
    2003-01-02, 14:32:08QCOMBTRADE-90036.660032,994.000.00USDP

    How did all you IB people convert your IB monthly statements
    from the web page to the Schedule D format?
    Is there another program that can do this with this new format?
    Did anyone figure out how to use Tradepair still to do this?

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    Here is how I used tradepair this year with IB data:

    1. Use tradepair ver 0.3 beta.
    2. From IB website, open each month as HTML
    3. Highlight first date, scroll to bottom right corner of data, hold SHIFT and click LEFT mouse button to highlight range.
    4. Copy data to new Excel spreadsheet using PASTE SPECIAL as text.
    5. Repeat with each month, appending data
    6. Use DATA, TEXT to COLUMNS to parse the data. Use space delimiter and MDY format for date column.
    7. Copy and delete columns as necessary to match columns in tradepair.
    8. Copy formated data to tradepair and press GO