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  1. Hi, I dont know if this belongs to this particular forum but I have a question about futures brokers. I have been trading stocks and options for five years and am looking towards expanding my horizons (I am not going to touch forex for a long time)

    I am looking for futures brokers that meet the following criteria

    a)Minimum initial deposit is reasonable (10K and below)
    b) Offer as wide selection of trading vehicles as possible (wide selection of futures and possibility of trading options on futures)

    So which brokers satisfy these criteria? Thanks in advance.
  2. interactivebrokers handles a number of international instruments, more so than most brokers. (and you can also trade stocks or forex in the same futures account, should you want to). Depends on whether you want to stay in north america or not
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    OpenEcry does futures and futures options. Been with them since February '08 and been quite they got picked up by OptionsXpress so they'll have even more offerings for you to chose from, especially on the options side of things.
  4. I use mirus futures (zenfire through ninjatrader). Have been with them awhile and don't have any complaints.
  5. as long as optionsxpress does not ruin OEC...
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    Amen to that -- I gave up trading futs at OXPS because their web interface was *not* cut out for daytrading. Options and stock, no problem.

    I think they bought OEC for the OEC Trader software, which I absolutely love, btw.
  7. So far, so good. Only time will tell how this acquisition turns out, but as of now, everything is a go at OEC.
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    One concern re OEC direct ICE connectivity since ER2 is going to be moved to ICE on the 19th. On the ICE website, it does not list OEC as having direct connectivity (though not all having the direct connectivity are listed, as they say), but mini Russell 2000 contracts are traded from 8 PM to 6 PM. However, on the OEC trader under 'Order" "Contract Setup", RM-M (ICE-traded mini Russell 2000) is traded only from 3:30 AM to 5:30 PM, EST. If you log on now, there is no data under that contract. Am I missing something?
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    I have data on the DOM now, HUGE spread...
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