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  1. Somehow when I opened a FF browser window it asked for my profile. Well, when I logged onto FF all of my tabs, bookmarks, history etc had been canceled. I want my old profile back. It's the second time this has happened and I need to fix it. I've played around with it for a few hours with no luck. I used these instructions below and it says problem with shortcut when I press OK.
    Mozilla's site was not that clear either. Any help?

    " To choose a firefox profile, you need to create a desktop shortcut to the firefox.exe file. Right-click the shortcut, then choose "Properties" from the menu. In the "Target" line, enter "-p" (without the quotes) at the very end. If the target path includes quotes, enter the -p after the final quote. Click OK to close the Properties dialog, then click the shortcut. It should open the firefox Profile Manager, where you'll be able to choose from a list of profiles, create a new one, etc."
  2. FT79


    Sometimes I have a similar problem, I did the following:

    Check Taskmanager => processes and look for firefox.exe. End this process and try to launch FireFox.

    Sometimes firefox.exe keeps running although you closed the application with result it isn't possible to run FireFox.

    Hope it helps

    ps. are you running FireFox 1.0.4???
  3. FT, I did what you said to do and when I reopened FF it was still this new profile. Also where do I findout my FF edition I'm running. I looked in a couple of places but it never stated my edition?
  4. JohnBob


    Help - About Mozilla Firefox

    gives you the version (aka edition?).
  5. John thanks alot, I think I have just the 1.0 version then.