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    just posted on the wrong heading, so ecuse the redundantcy.

    i'm a bit depressed about getting old; all of the sudden my eye sight is starting to wane. although ive needed reading glasses the past 20 years, i always prided myself on my exceptional vision for distance. now my distance is going and i was prescribed bi foculs which i hate. my other alternative is contacts. any of you guys use them?
    any major draw backs?
    can you tell you are wearing them?
    i am not a candidtae for lasik, i already explored that route.
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    been wearing them for 35 years np, I cant stand glasses any way.
  3. Wearing them for 25 years. I wear bifocal glasses and really dislike glasses.
    Contacts are great but can have some small problems.
    Personally they dry out after 6 to 8 hours and I need to keep applying re wetting drops.
    I have astigmatism also which can make getting properly fitted for contacts a challenge.
    I have ones just for astigmatism, so each pair last for 30 days before discarding them and putting in a fresh pair. Also they must be removed each evening and disinfected for few hours, There are daily pairs that are just thrown out each evening.
    I feel better in contacts appearance wise, and when doing activities like swimming contacts are excellent.
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    Have had glasses and contacts for 30 years. My original hard contacts used to reshape my lens enough that I would have 20/20 vision for a couple days after taking them out. I am sick of glasses and contacts. I am getting old age eyes too. The first set of contacts since needing bi focals were set for distance, at the sacrifice of close up vision. The next ones I had changed to see close and sacrificed far vision. Neither option is that great in my opinion. The doc said I could try having each eye set individually, one for distance and one for near visiion, but he said that can take awhile to get used to, and most people haven't liked it.
    I will probably go back to having my distance vision improved, as I can read fairly well as it is without my contacts or glasses, I just need more light than I used to need.
    If I could get my eyes corrected I would pay up for it, but not an option for me either. As I said I hate both contacts and glasses.
  5. Wearing contacts to correct for any significant myopia (nearsightedness) makes more difficult to see "medium" distances.
    (Which are just where your monitors are placed). They are geared to see clearly at far distance.

    Likely you'll need reading glasses to correct for this.

    And forget about reading up close, definitely need reading glasses unless you have unusually long arms :D

    HOWEVER, I choose to wear glasses. With glasses I can change the FOCAL LENGTH to my retina in 1 second by simply pushing them further down my nose. Now I can see my (eight) monitors easily & clearly WITHOUT a magnifying glass euphemistically termed "reading glasses". Easily adjustable to see clearly at any distance I require.

    Pushed back up my nose in another second for the return to long distance viewing.

    Simple, effective. That's why I wear glasses and not contacts :cool:
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    have been wearing for 15+ years. get samples of acuvue advance with hydraclear or acuvue oasys w/hydraclear before you buy. i prefer the former.

    disposable two week are more cost effective than the daily.

    always remove and soak in solution b4 bed.
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    Been wearing daily disposable for years. Put a new pair in every morning. Cost about $300/yr