Help with buying a new rig.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by larry-trader, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone, I am new to this forum and am interested in getting into day trading. I have subscribed to a well known trading course and am looking forward to getting underway. However, my question for you is that I have been looking at a new system and came across for a new system. I selected a configuration for 6 monitors so that I can get their as well to run up to 6 monitors at the same time. Can anyone tell me if this will be sufficient for the level of day trading that I will be doing (i.e., full time, professionally, should I get more monitors, etc)? I would appreciate any input.
  2. Even with their "save $300" promotion, you're paying $979 for the stand... doesn't that sound steep?
  3. Go with Dell. Great computers for good prices. They also have good service, I return the first computer I bought and they charge me 0$.

    I got my dual quad xeon for about 2500$ with 4 gb ram (way to powerfull but anyway). Look at the business model, presicion 5400. The ultrasharp display are also nice and fairly price 24'' for 600$.

    BTW you don't need 6 displays.
  4. Those kind of places are always overpriced. i built my own computer. If you want to buy a new computer look for atleast a intel quad core and at least 2gb of ram.

    You can probably just use the computer you have now. Just add some graphic cards.

    The monitors i would also buy them separately and buy a stand alone monitor stand.

    I would start with 2 monitors and buy more when needed. I personally run 3 dell sp2208wfp monitors. I trade full time.

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