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    Hello all,

    I need some help burning cd's. Total newbie at this so please don't crucify me! I want to use my pc to make copies of a particular audio cd. I have only 1 cd-rom drive so I need to know the process. I don't have any MP-3 players or external equipment. I believe there is some software on my pc that came pre-installed for this kind of stuff, but not sure what to do with it. I bought a bunch of cd-r disks. Do they need to be formatted first? Do I first make a copy of the disk that I want to duplicate onto my hardrive and then insert a blank disk?

    Any steps/help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. My favorite CD's to burn are Brittany, Boys to Men, and N'Sync.

    You need a flame of at least 500 degrees for a good burn.
  3. Most CD-Rom drives I've seen don't have the ability to write to a disk. If it's a RW drive meaning read and write then it should work. You need a burning software package like NERO, Roxio, etc. to make audio CD.

    It's pretty straight forward if you have the right equipment and software. I use NERO and never had a problem.


  4. You're in the wrong forum. Go to a PC forum on the net for more info.
  5. LOL :D