Help wanted for Batchelor paper

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  1. just a request for your help for 5 mins if you can spare it.

    A colleague is preparing their batchelor paper for their degree and needs to survey general awareness of advertising slogans and their perception. The attached document contains a few slogans you might have heard, and some your might not have, and some questions about what you think.

    If you can have a look through, mark your responses and send it back to I’m sure they will be very grateful for the input :)

  2. I will do it for $50 bucks... after all advertising is not free.
  3. $50 from a student? the trading must be tight for you this spring... :p
  4. no just a joke to point out this is just a different form of spam...
  5. ginux


    damn. i thought you are talking about that frenchie who came up with the random walk theory
  6. Help Wanted:

    Someone to teach this guy how to spell BACHELOR
  7. lol :D