HELP w. Trading Education!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cole, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Cole


    I know this has been discussed 5000 times or more, but is there anyone that has experience with a technical trading methodology that if followed will produce a consistent profit?

    I have seen Velez, but he clearly has a stake in the commissions and his approaches are to subjective for me from what I have seen on their website. I love the prop account offer, but the levels are a bit discouraging.

    Anyone have any thoughts for some recommended companies preferably in Futures.
  2. own. Through 1000's+ hours of screen time. Forget thinking you can purchase something that will teach you consistency, that will come from building your own trading intuition.

  3. Hey Cole,

    4 years ago you had 6 profitable trading systems.

    Today, you are looking for someone that has a profitable trading system.

    Simply, what happen to your 6 profitable systems. :confused: