Help /w MyTRACK / TRACKData lately ?

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  1. Hello Guys,

    i need some advise from someone who used myTrack
    or TrackData services lately:

    I was with them about 1.5 years ago and I was very satisfied.
    Now, I want so renew my subscription, but because they
    do not offer a free trial or something I just wanted
    to know if someone made good or bad experiences lately.

    I am only interested in the data services (no brokerage).
    If possible, can anyone tell me how much traffic delay
    there is for GLOBEX quotes (ES/NQ) or for CBOT/ACE bond
    futures quotes. I am also interested if you guys experienced
    outages of the data service lately, but AFAIK, the service
    should be highly reliable.

    Kind Regards
  2. H2O



    I'm in the same position. Looking for a GOOD futures data source but I need CME / CBOT / EUREX (only a few offer EUREX)

    This is the reply I got from MyTrack.

    Dear Customer,

    myTrack offers many advantages over other market data providers and on-line brokerages.

    Technology: We are Not a browser based system. We are utilizing a software connection which is actively monitored on the server end. Our Advantage point- We are able to move users from one server to another flawlessly. Their Disadvantage point- If you have ever been on the internet during a federal reserve board statement, you must have experienced the HTTP error 404, the pages slow to fill or not filling at all.

    Speed: We are using a push protocol rather than broadcast. Our Advantage
    point- We are only sending you the data you are requesting, be it 20 quotes or 200. Their Disadvantage point- Broadcast feeds send all data from A through Z, causing bottleneck during heavy trading activity.

    Direct from the Source: We are one of the many divisions of Track Data Corporation. Track Data's primary division is an institutional data solution provider which supplies quote units to large brokerage houses as well as the exchange floors. Our Advantage point- we are using the same data feed direct from the exchanges that is used by hundreds of traders on the floor of the NYSE. Their Disadvantage points- Some vendors get their data feeds from a third-party vendor, what happens if that connection has problems? Also, ask our competitors them how many units they have on the floor of the exchange- answer is bound to be 0.

    Ease of Use: It's all as simple as Right mouse clicking. Plus just press F1 for the on-line help guide.

    Customer Support: No more waiting on hold. We have Chat room support- on-line hosts are available to answer your questions from 8am through 9pm EST. Email is answered 7 days a week.

    Product Development: Our members have a say in the enhancements to the product line. All suggestions are on the website and voted on.

    Pricing for the Quote System: Real-time pricing starts at $19.98 per month plus exchange fees- we can not be beat.

    Features Like:
    MarketScan- real-time exchange screening based on price information AIQ Charting with over 35 popular indicators and much more

    On-Line Brokerage advantages:

    What we all say:
    Rapid Executions- Investigate this for yourself- Our technology makes us the better choice, but do not take my word for this, visit our Chat room and ask our members who are using the system. Also, check out the revolving unpaid testimonials on the website.

    What only a few can say:
    Extended Trading Hours
    Free Research
    Frequent Trader Programs for Free Real-time Quotes
    Low Commissions

    What makes us stand out:
    Only $500 initial deposit to Open a Cash account
    Multiple Order Routing Choices
    Instant Buying Power
    Higher per trade Limitations
    Trade Directly from your Level II Display
    Earn $$ via our Referral Program
    *****Nasdaq Level II users can execute trades directly from their Nasdaq Level II window.

    There are four types of trades you can execute
    from Nasdaq Level II using this feature by clicking
    your LEFT mouse key on the following columns:

    Click on Action
    -------- ------
    Ask Market Maker Buy at ask from that market maker
    Bid Market Maker Sell at bid to that market maker
    Bid side Bid Buy at Bid from any market maker
    Ask side Ask Sell at ask to any market maker

    The trades are all day limit orders. The quantity is the default quantity you set in the myTrade configuration.

    To view a demo of the NASDAQ Level II display, place the symbol MSFT in your monitor and right mouse click on it and select NASDAQ Level II.

    To convert your delayed account to real-time,
    from the Program Window Header click CHAT

    Then click Administrative then click Credit Card
    You will now see a pop-up dialog box to enter your CC into. Enter the credit card type, expiration and number. Click Enter.

    Then log off and then back on again.

    Then choose a plan. Still in Chat click Entitlements
    then click Change Plan
    and then select your plan and click OK

    Then log off and then back on again.

    Plan: BASIC Cost: $4.98
    DATA Displays are 20 MINUTES DELAYED
    Dynamic Pricing on Equities, Futures, Indices & Options Custom Monitor (20
    Company Ticker Look-up
    Snap Quote
    Extended Quote
    Market Guide Fundamental 1 Page Report
    Scrolling News Today - Business Wire
    & Comtex (A) Top 70 Full News Stories for Today & Yesterday
    AIQ Historical Charting
    Today's Time & Sales Logs
    Yesterday's Time & Sales Logs
    Technical & Market Statistics (Market Pulse)
    Scrolling Ticker Tape
    Composite Display
    Historical Prices
    Volatility Display
    Community Chat rooms
    Simulated Trading
    Edgar OnLine
    Earning Calendar
    Simply Stocks
    E-Mail / Chat Customer Support

    Plan: SILVER Cost: $19.98 plus exchange fees
    Includes everything in BASIC with
    REAL-TIME pricing plus...
    Market Guide 3 Page Report
    Scrolling News with: PR NewsWire,
    Reuters Delayed & Comtex Custom Business Wire Delayed

    Plan: GOLD Cost: $39.98 plus exchange fees
    Includes everything in SILVER plus...
    Historical News
    Additional 4 pages (80 symbols) on monitor
    Alerts on price, quotes, news and volume
    Snap Option Chains
    Snap Future Chains
    Market Guide 10 Page Report
    Scrolling News with: Comtex (B) Custom Business Wire
    Real-Time AIQ Charting with over 30 technical indicators
    OTC Bulletin Board

    Plan: PLATINUM Cost: $95 plus exchange fees
    Includes everything in GOLD plus...
    Dynamic NASDAQ Level II (up to 4 displays)
    Dynamic Option Chains
    Dynamic Future Chains
    Telephone Support
    Dynamic Time & Sales
    Market Scan
    Excel Link

    Then edit your exchanges as follows:

    Still in Chat click Entitlements
    then Exchanges
    and select or check each exchange you wish on a real-time basis

    Then log off and then back on again after you have enabled all the
    exchange(s) you want.

    Monthly Real-Time Exchange Fees (in addition to the service plans)

    NYSE $ 1.00
    NASDAQ $ 1.00
    AMEX $ 1.00
    OPRA $ 1.00
    PSE $ 0.00
    CEG $ 9.50
    COMEX $55.00
    CME Limited $10.00
    CME Full $60.00
    CSCE $94.00
    NYMEX $55.00
    CBOT $30.00
    MIDAM $ 7.50
    TORONTO $ 4.50
    MONTREAL $ 4.00
    CDNX $15.00
    NASDAQ2 $10.00
    KCBT $12.00
    Pink Sheets Level 1 $ 5.00
    Pink Sheets Level 2 $15.00
    GSE $20.00
    Eurex $20.00
    Xetra $25.00
    LSE $ 6.50
    LSE-INT $ 3.50

    By changing your account to real-time access, you, the user, agree to pay Track Data Corp. the applicable fees in accordance to the pricing plans and exchange regulations.

    After you have chosen your plan and exchanges, please log off and back on again. It's our pleasure to help, let us know if we can be of assistance in the future.

    (I'm still searching - eSignal / MyTrack / Futuresource)
    Hope this helps,