help w/ dual monitors please

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  1. ok heres my problem...i just bought a new computer and so i just thru my PCI card into my new PC to run my monitors...but its not working...both the cards work...because i booted the pc up with both of them...but for some reason the two video cards wont work together....any suggstions???
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    some cards do not work well with others. If you post what type of system you have and what type / brand of video cards...someone should be able to help.

    There are people here who know a lot more about them than I do...but I'll try to help if I can too.
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    Cards more likely to work together if from the same manufacturer. Be sure you have the most recent driver for each. If not, download, install, and try again.

    If they still won't work together (and of different brands), contact the card manufaturer tech's to see about compatibility. Otherwise, replace one of the cards with one compatible to the other.
  4. if you got new computer you probably got xp.xp wont work with all cards.
    suggestion go to ebay and pick up used matrox quad card for less than 150.
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    While were on the subject of dual monitors. Does anyone know how add a screen saver for both monitors? I can only get the screen saver to work on the primary monitor. I'm using Win ME. I tried to download savers designed for 2 monitors but they crash.

    It's not a big deal. Just wondering if someone else ran in to this problem. I'm interested in the Matrix screensaver.

  6. I assume you use Windows and that one of your card is PCI and the other AGP. it's not clear if you have set up your video cards in the display properties. So in case you have not, here it goes.

    1) Position your mouse on your empty desktop and right click
    2) Click "Properties" (bottom of menu)
    3) A "Display properties" windows appears
    4) Click the "Settings" tab (far right)
    You should see both of your monitors and cards displayed as a graphic on-screen. You select one of the monitor as the primary. You can then activate the secondary monitor to work with the primary. There is a check box to do that. I don't have a dual setup at the machine I'm at right now so I can't tell you the exact wording of the option, but it's fairly obvious and a simple job to do. You basically are extending the second (and subsequent) monitor(s) to work with the primary monitor.

    Hope this helps,

  7. well guys i fixed it....i just posted the message way to early without thinking...all i had to do was go into the bios and make the agp boot first..
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    "go into the bios"???
    Could you please give me a clue on how you did this?
    I've tried almost everything else....thanks in advance!
  9. im not no computer wiz...but i know a bit...all ya gotta do is press one of the function keys when your computer is starting up...i think mine is f1...but most computers are different....and then it brings you to the bios....and like i not no computer wiz...and maybe someone else can explain it better...
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    hit del key on this machine...lots of stuff in there....
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