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  1. Andiroo


    Hi All

    Is it possible to visit the floor of the CME or CBOT outside of an official tour. I am visiting the city next week and would love to get a chance to visit.

  2. Certain areas in the cbot building are available for group tour. The cme building does not allow for any tours since september 11 incident. (unless u'r wealthy and connected)

  3. caroy


    I was able to get into the observation deck two summers ago. I called about a week in advance and explained that I actively traded the CBOT grains contracts and would be in Chicago that week and would love to see the floor. They kindly explained that usually it was only for educational groups but alas they said for a market participant they would allow me to tag along with a group. I didn't get down on the floor but at least the observation deck.
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    Thanks for the advice. Very helpful. I will call and drop them an email.


  5. Since the CME trading floor moved to the CBOT building 2 years ago they are one and the same.

    If you trade, ask your broker it they can get you in with a clearing member or just call the clearing firm directly.
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    grain options are good so get there between 9:30 and 1. the rest ... well its like the movie the wrestler, very cool in its heyday but sad now
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    Don't forget to catch all the excitement in the lumber pit.
  8. To spice things up they should put up graphics on the wall representing what they are doing for (more likely to) their customers. For example every time they rape a customer they could put up a 5 second clip from "Oz". I'm sure it would draw more people to watch the pits.
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    Do interactive Brokers clear their own futures contracts?

  10. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it still make a noise?
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