Help! video cards for 6 monitors

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  1. I've placed the order on my monitors today. now the video cards are a problem.

    I have 1 PCI-express x16 slot, 3 regular PCI slots, 1 PCIe x4 slot, and 1 PCIe x1 slot.

    Anyone know how I can get 6 monitors to work? 1 monitor is the dell 30". so I will need the x16 slot for the video card to drive the 30. it will have 2 DVI's, so that takes care of the big monitor and 1 small one.

    Now I need to connect 4 more monitors. anyone know the best solution to connect those 4? Thanks
  2. 2 Matrox G400 PCI cards. They can be had for less than $10 on ebay used. Work like a charm.
  3. Thanks Mike. Will having 2 matrox PCI's conflict with an Nvidia or ATI x16 card?
  4. You get what you pay for....those old cards don't work as well, and will certainly slow down your system. I recently upgraded mys systems with a couple of Nvida cards, 7900's, and they work really well...and my system performance was improved dramatically.

    You pay for quality once!
  5. I will buy an NVDA 7600 as the main card on the x16 slot. how do I get more monitors without slowing down the the NVDA card? will having Matrox PCI cards conlict with and slow down the main NVDA card?
  6. Suggest either:

    1. Used Nvidia Quadro NVS 400 PCI Quad... about $100-$125 on eBay, or

    2. 2, Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 PCI dualheads.
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