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    It's different from bringing your personal laptop to work.

    In fact, in the case of a fresh employee a number of employers realise it may take them ages to get approval for a purchase order for software. So, they are happy with people working on their personal laptops.
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  3. Get yourself an iPhone
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    You've been trading for 3 or 4 years but you haven't built up a sizable amount of money from that?

    Doesn't seem like trading is paying off. I would keep the job or look for another one that you don't hate.

    Don't know what your plan is, but it's not always easy generate the same results when your rent/mortgage depends on it. If you are not tearing it up now, it will be even harder when you try to transition to trading as a job.
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  6. Using VNC there is a way to connect using your web browser (runs in a java applet). This assumes you have a java enabled browser. Not sure but it might be worth looking into.
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  7. Ok........I installed gotomypc and tightvnc. Hopefully I can get one of them to work tomorrow at work. Thanks for all the tips.
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    I once had to take a class at Oracle. The bitches there did not want us to have internet access. It could be the same security. If so, you need to use a proxy server to bypass the firewall like I did to get full internet access. Once you find a proxy server you want to use, you put those settings into the DNS so your can resolve the domain names using the proxy server and then make sure in Internet Explorer or what ever browser you are using to check mark that you are using a proxy server.

    Of course if I was there, I would be working in IT, and just work off the server like I once did in another company.

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  9. I've been reading about proxy servers also; that might be the next try if the others don't work. They use WebSense security. I'm not sure exactly what they did to make logmein stop working though. It must have something to do with the ActiveX.

    I could hook my old computer back up to their network right now & connect just fine. The only difference I know of is that I had admin rights on that one. (too bad they took the old computer; it was slow as hell, but at least I could trade).
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    swap their hard drive and you get the best of both worlds.
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