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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by macattack, Dec 9, 2010.

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    try it on another laptop if it work keep it in your drawer, problem solved.
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    Hint... Software that lets a user set up a virtual machine gives the user full control. Inside a virtual machine the user can set up any software they may want.
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  3. That doesn't really work. I have to click on the tab & click it off very quick. If I hear footsteps coming near my cube I click on another tab. I think I've probably developed superhero hearing & senses over the time I've been trading here.

    I thought if I brought my own laptop & then could get it to appear as a tab on the bottom of my work computer that would work pretty good. I don't know if that's possible though.
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  4. LeeD


    Yes, you could. Connect the laptop via USB to your work computer and set up the USB connection as a network. Of course, the laptop will still be clearly visible :)
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  5. That's ok if it's visible. As long as my personal latptop can stay closed and as long as my work screen has work stuff on it when someone looks at it I'm ok with that.

    How do I then get the laptop screen to appear as a tab on my new work computer?
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    If the laptop Windows is Professional or Ultimate, you can use "Remote Desktop". Othervise, there are a number of solutions for a pair of computers on a local network under a common title ov "VNC".... please search the Web for these.
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  7. man I can't believe people asked you to contact your compliance department to get permission. Shortly after contacting compliance, I would have asked you to immediatly start to polish and update your resume, because you will be looking for a job soon. There are worse things in life than trading at work, I have been trading at work for the past 15 years.

    Regarding your new computer headache, can you check to see if the PC firewall is enabled, see if you can disable it.

    also try at the dos prompt: ipconfig/release
    then ipconfig/renew

    I feel for you, I did consulting work once for a military contractor, they had a total lockdown. Worst three months of my life.
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    Macattack, tread very carefully in what you are doing.

    Most companies will have a policy regarding employees using company equipment for personal reasons, such as doing the odd bit of photocopying or using a PC to access the internet or for writing a letter. You should check what your policy is. Is there a written policy?

    The fact is that your company employs you to work for them and nothing else, and you could possibly face disciplinary action if it became known that you were daytrading on company time.

    I work for a UK company and all internet access is logged. I know that I can use my company computer equipment for my own use provided it is in my own time, during lunch breaks and provided it does not use too much resources. Some idiots in my company were sacked for accessing porn. Some idiots were sacked for getting chocolate from vending machines without paying - I'd like to know how they did that. The fact is that some companies will be very strict, and you could be putting yourself at risk. My company will not allow employees to install any software whatsoever and periodically the PCs are scanned to determine what is installed.

    Some years ago, when the rules were not so strict, I was able to trade stocks via my company PC, and one day my manager caught me looking at a price chart. Fortunately he was quite relaxed about that and merely commented that the particular stock was a good one. That was then, but now I just can't trade from work anymore. It is very frustrating so I trade sporadically at home when I get the time.
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    It's not the same in finacial firms. Their for some jobs contacting compliance is nearlu daily procedure.

    I know a person who wanted to sell a (totally unrelated) stock on personal account. So, he asked for a compliance permission to sell (valid for a day) for over a moth daily till the price was right.
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  10. Acceess denied on the ip release thing. Windows firewall is enabled & I can't change any settings.
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