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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by macattack, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Nope.
    I can't even ping google or yahoo.
    It says "request timed out".
    What's that mean?
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  2. I'm at a manufacturing company, not a financial company. They would never approve of me trading I'm sure. I do my work just as fast as anyone else around here, but I click on my trading screen in between whatever I'm working on.

    It's exhausting, but I hate my job, and want to build up enough funds to trade from home. I don't really think trading at work is the best idea in the world, but you do what you gotta do to try & make it.
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  3. LeeD


    When you use "ping" there are 2 things happening. First, you resolve domain name such as "" to an IP address. Then you ping the IP address.

    If you can't "ping" common web-sites directly, most likely you are beyond a proxy server.
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  4. I don't understand why everything worked fine on my old desktop just a few hours ago.

    They took that away & gave me a brand new laptop, and now won't connect to my home computer anymore. I have the same network, just a different computer. What did they do to block it? (some kind of setting on the new laptop?).
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  5. LeeD


    If they are not a financial company they really don't have a justification for banning you from trading anything but the companies own shares and shares of partially owned susidiaries and perhaps majors suppliers.

    If you were not asked to sign any form that bans you from trading than you are allowed to trade.

    Naturally, the company doesn't pay you to trade on personal account during office hours but they have no legitimate reason to ban personal-account trading outright.

    So, just be descrete about it. Most companies have guidlines for limited use of "company" internet for personal purposes. Some people read news, others check their facebook account, you trade... there is no real difference.
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  6. LeeD


    Do you have access to your old computer?

    Can you "ping" google or yahoo on it now?
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  7. They took it.
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  8. I've been trading this way for 3 or 4 years now, and nobody has said anything. I always hide the screen when anyone walks by.

    The problem is I can't access my home computer anymore with NinjaTrader. It was so nice just having a tab at the bottom of my work screen which had all my charts on it.

    Also I can't download trading software to my work computer. They would never approve that. I'd be afriad to even ask.
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  9. LeeD


    Get a trial with GoToMyPC - the full subscrition si 12 dollars per month + taxes or something but if your trading makes meney, this is not game-breaking

    Check if you can get approval for virtual machine softaware from VM-Ware or Microsoft. Virtual Machines are extremly useful for checking out new software (not all software uninstalls fully) or using software incompatible with new operating systems. There are tons of uses...
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  10. I'll start by trying gotomypc tomorrow. I don't care about the cost. I think I'd go completely insane here if I couldn't trade.
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