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  1. I hope someone has a good solution here.

    I have been using to access my home computer
    with ninjatrader for a couple years now, but today we got new computers at work with all admin privleges gone, and whatever else they did.

    I can still access logmein, but when it tries to connect to my home computer it just spins & spins.

    Anybody got a way around this?
  2. What's the OS on the home computer and what's the OS on the work computer?

    I'm not saying I have the answer. But that info is the start of the answer.
  3. Windows XP Home
    Windows XP Professional
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    1) Break the admin account on your work computer, we had do that a few times as people brought in computers where they forgot the password.

    2) Install the trading application on one of the servers at work, and connect to the server using a front end, or just trade at the server.

    3) Bring in your laptop to work, and use it to trade.

    4) Leave your laptop in your car, and go out to your car to trade.

    5) Switch to trading at night when European markets are open since you are being paid to work, not download porn and trade.
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    This might work.

    "The major difficulties in using remote control software are firewalls and blocked ports, as well as NAT routing for local IP addresses.
    If you use TeamViewer you don't have to worry about firewalls: TeamViewer will find a route to your partner."
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    Try it uses regular port 80, If the site domain is not blocked you should be fine. If you work for a financial firm that has good reporting on sites visited. May be ur better of using a smartphone or tablet with internet
  7. Thanks for the ideas.

    Does anyone know "why" it doesn't work anymore.
    That might help me decide which solution is best.

    It worked this morning on my old computer, so it's not blocked.

    I go to logmein on the new computer though & it asks me to download activex which never appears at the top of my screen, so I can't do that.

    Then it says if no activex then click "here"; after I do that everything works as usual until it tries to make the final connection to my home computer; then it just spins & spins, never connecting.
  8. Well to rule out firewall. See if you are able to ping
    or try

    you know how to do that right. start--> run -->cmd

    then type in ping
  9. mickmak


    Don't trade through work assests if you are at a fin company. It is not worth it. I work in risk management and compliance. We track everything!

    If you want to trade, you should get clearance and then trade through your personal laptop or something.
  10. LeeD


    A few years back when I used LogMeIn it required intsalltion of a custom Web-browser addon. If you don't have admin priviledges on the new computer, the installation may fail with very confusing error messages.

    If this is the problem, as Jokepie suggested, GoToMyPC my be a solution. GoToMyPC (now owned by Cytrix-largest remote conference provider in the world) requires just a single executable download and no admin rights... and in my experince from a few years back it's faster and more stable. The downside it's not free outside of the trial period.

    Out of what oraclewizard77 suggested, option 3 should be the easiets as long as everyone around is happy with that. Option 5 is feasible but it may result in breaking your trading strategy.

    If you have a friendly IT person in the company, they may be able to install the desired Web-browser addons for you.

    Otherwise, as others suggested, I would recommend getting a written confirmation (such as an e-mail) from the company compliance that they don't object your style of personal-account trading.
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