help..TradeStation 8 for daytrading?-your thoughts?

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  1. I will start daytrading (& swingtrading) next month full time- I have a new duel processor high end computer and want to know if anyone has any thoughts about starting by using TS8....I have read several posts from frustrated users about their lack of customer support but I can't seem to find any better trading platform.....The 99$ a month also causes me to pause -I want to start slow....Neo ticker is a possibity but I want to trade not learn a program...TS8 seems like any other menu driven program...what do you know that can help me?
  2. If you are just trading electronic fututres markets then call Velocity Futures and use X Trader. It smokes anything else out there, hands down. It is what the banks and heavy hitters all use. Look them up and call Anthony, he has alot of experience with X Trader and he is nice too.

    If you want cheap, and possibly bad service, call IB, lol! :p

    And no folks, I have never used IB, but have talked to traders that said they have almost no live support, not good.

    Trade Station, from what I have seen is for trading multiple markets where you can automate your strategies.

    I hope that helps.
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    If you want automation, use TS.
    If you want cheap commissions use IB.
    If you need better charts than what IB has, get Medved QuoteTracker or Esignal.

    If you are a dumbass who needs a broker to hold their hand then you shouldn't be daytrading.

    I haven't had the need to call a broker more than once a year and I can't understand why people focus so much on customer support.

    Good Luck!

  4. Let me correct above:

    -If you want trade best automation in lower timeframe, use X-trader

    -If you want best commissions use IB.

    -If you best charting, Strategy testing and trade automation in higher timeframe use Tradestation.

    -If you want to access intraday data for most worldwide markets use Esignal

    -If you are on tight budget, use Medved QuoteTracker or Esign window
  5. Thank You all very much. I plan on starting by trading equities and moving to e-mimi within a few months. I have no experience trading e-mini but I know that product is great for day trading. I traded futures 15 years ago as an inexperienced trader and like so many others I went down in flames. I continued to trade equities (a very small account) with a R2 return(not great but sucessful). I have no need to call a broker but was expressing a concern that if the software wasn't working properly I would be left to figure it out myself. I have enough trading capital to day trade sucessfully provided I use proper risk management. Again thank you all very much your information is very appreciated. I doubt I would have been able to boil all the information I have read into the simple sentences you have for me. (i.e. TS8 for automation ....) thank you all very much.
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    Doesn't TS credit you the $99 if you trade with enough frequency? Like 15 RT's on the ES?
  7. Yes, it used to be 50 contracts but they lowered it, forget the actual number but it is on their site.


  8. 10 Round Trips
  9. TS8 requires 10RT but since I'm starting in equities I'll have to hit 25,000 shares to get it free---not really that difficult but I want to start slowly - I am probably being too cautious -but I have waited 15 years to give this another try and I want to do everything right this time. Failure isn't an option....
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    Very Accurate.

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