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    Hi mates, was around for some time, but mostly reading forum and testing my strategy on DEMO. Now it's time to go REAL.

    It's my 1st time to open account, so i know completely nothing.
    Here is what i need: 6e, 6j, 6b, CL, sometimes SB, GC, ZC
    2.can have from 4 to 0 TOTAL trades a day, i am more SWING trader, can make total 10 trades a week, sometimes less. all trades 1contract.
    3.will deposit $10K

    what will be the best broker for my situation/type of trading?
    was looking to Mirus, since this is the place were i got demo. and was trading on NINJA+ZenFire. they had 4 account types: Dorman Trading, Rosenthal Collins Group, Gain (NinjaTrader FX), GFT. I guess i need Dorman account, right?

    every body thx for advice and wish good profits.
  2. I've recently opened an account with Generic Trade ( and must say that I have been impressed with the level of service provided by a firm that advertises itself as a deep discount futures and futures options broker. They are a relatively new brokerage and are using the Firetip platform. Firetip is relatively easy to learn and I understand there is a new version coming out sometime in mid February. Commissions are rock bottom at $0.59 per contract (plus exchange fees) and they offer SPAN minimum exchange margins for both futures and futures options traders. Over the years I've traded with many brokers, but this is one of the most promising new brokers I've recently come across.
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    sounds like spam/sales speech. don't think you are real trader...
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    Yes, go with Mirus and either RCG or Dorman clearing (I use RCG). No quotas and Ninja/Zenfire combo. Good customer service as well as trader friendly intraday margins. Check the reviews in the broker link up top. Lots of happy campers.
  5. Have been using InteractiveBrokers for a number of years but like the idea of better margins. I have started a wire transfer to Mirus through RCG and will let you know what I think of them. From initial contact with a number of brokers, they were by far the most professional with the quickest responses to questions. Mirus is an IB and not an FCM, but RCG is one of the biggest in the business which provides confidence.
  6. I posted a while ago about opening an account at Generic Trade

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    When I opened they were an IB of Farr Financial and Ironbeam bought them recently, so whatever funds they had would now be at Ironbeam. I think Ironbeam is a new name for a company that does primarily DMA trading and support for Algo traders. Anyways everything is still good with my account an it seems like the buyout is a good thing because there are apparently going to be a lot of changes and upgrades to the software. Hope that helps.