Help to build 6-8 Monitor trading PC.

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  1. Hello,
    I understand i have asked this question earlier, However i could not find the thread in which the replies were mentioned.
    I am currently ready to go out and purchase all the items.

    I would appreciate if all the experts, highlight all the main things which are required to build a faster professional trading machine.

    Also since its 6-8 Monitors would be connected, would i need 2 machines?
    What kind of following specs should i take?
    1) Processor
    2) MotherBoard
    3) Ram
    4) Hard Drive
    5) SSD
    6) Graphics Card
    7) Power Supply
    8) Casing
    9) UPS Power Backup
    10) etc..etc..

  2. Please can someone advise me . thanks.
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    are you buying all new monitors?
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    This subject has been beat to death.

    You have two options.

    #1, buy a retail box from Dell/Lenovo - ofthomas likes HP so listing it

    #2, build your own, not only do you get a computer, you also get an education.

    i5, mobo which supports 3-4 PCI 16 slots, 8-16gb Ram, appropriate power supply, usually ~ 650 watts, SSD, HDD, Video cards sufficient to drive your monitors, mid/full tower with good cooling

    Research via google

    6-8 monitors on one system imho is a bit overkill, I prefer two systems and multiplicity.

    I personally run dual systems and bounce between 3-4 30" monitors in my trading office.

    3 x 30" on trading system

    1 x 30 " for general purpose system, surf, office, photo, media etc.

    I have run 4x30" on one, but in all reality it is overkill...

    More does not mean better...

    Splitting the workload has multiple benefits.

    1, keeps your trading system light & clean... Responsive
    2, redundancy if dedicated system goes out, you can use your gen purpose as a temporary backup

    If building your own isn't your cup of tea, just pick up a refurb from Dell/Lenovo as I previously suggested. Either way is fine.

    I also I have multiple stations throughout the house for monitoring and quality of life not tethered to one room 16 hrs/day. In addition to the above I have a i5 laptop which is dedicated to IB/Button/MC for emergencies and travel.

    For discretionary trading pretty much any system is more than sufficient, the rest is a luxury.

    I am not in IT, just a retail trader, self educated. Building your own, is one of the best ways to learn...

    Old pic, produces a stiff neck
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    amean to all that... 4x30 is nuts... your desk must be huge... my two 27" cant fit on my desk from edge to edge... i cant imagine how you got those in there.. in a stand (assuming of course)... the only stand that I found to hold my monitors as the Ergotron Triple Display Stand...

    take a pic of your system and post it, would love to see it...

  7. Nice one buddy.. Thanks for the info
    I am thinking for i7 processor.. which one should i go for
    Also which motherboard is good?
    can you advise me some models, and specs details, so easier and i can take note down, and tomorrow morning can easily go and purchase items.

  8. Or you think Xeon processors are more better and faster than getting myself I7 processor?
  9. No. Very comparable. The Xeons tend to run on Xeon chipsets in workstations.... which probably doesn't make any real difference unless you intend to run dual-CPU. The i7s tend to be on gamer mobos.

    The most important issue in a multi-monitor trading rig is the motherboard. Get one with "at least 2, PCIEx16 slots and no on-board video chip." That's a step up in quality from the el-cheapos and adequate.
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    now you going to think I am picking on you and stalking you... :p

    he wont be able to avoid on-board video chip unless he goes within a CPU that does not have the video within it... so the SB itself doesnt have it, the chip does...

    but you are correct, if you want to go dual CPU focus on Xeons... and careful with which one given they are not all created equal.. meaning... you need to look at the E5-2xxx line for dual..

    also, the reason for the 2 x16 slots is so that you can installed 2 quad port cards for video... which Scat forgot to mention... :)
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