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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by fwstides, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. fwstides


    Hi all,

    I longed for being a trader since university and wonder if you guys have any advice. As my background, I have an engineering degree from a top-tier uni in HK. I worked for a short while in audit, after which i worked in a top-tier EU IB in research for 2 yrs.

    Unfortunately i found no way to switch to trading in the bank (i haven't heard of sb switching from rsch to trading in the bank neither), so i decided to take a masters in finance in imperial college london. it's a very quanty program which is suitable for me, combined with a fair reputation of the school, i believe it can add me more value than staying for another year in the bank.

    Question now - how i can prepare better in the following year to get me a good chance in starting my desired career? i know the market is tough and trading job has a very high barrier, but in order to get into trading i treasure every little opportunity.

    Perhaps you guys can give me more insights...thx!
  2. sida


    unless you have a mentor

    you are in for the world of hurt, emotionally financially

    it takes 3 years to start to understand trading

    and that's if you are very committed

    if you have a mentor, it can be cut down to 3-5 months

    PS: having a mentor is next to impossible
  3. thats not true. I had one. Just have to be at the right place at the right time :)
  4. sida


    good for you now let me ask you something

    would you please mentor me


    (drops to his knees and yells even louder)

  5. kid... the market will destroy you... even if you win... sorry you need to grow :(
  6. Jeffp


    I found a solid trader to mentor still is a lot of hard work.