help...special stock screener anyone can recommend

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    So I'm currently putting together a trading strategy that trades resistance/support break outs as well as resistance/support "fake outs".

    I'm looking for a stock screener that can help me find stocks that meet this type of criteria and by ranking them as follows:

    1 - length of time stock has been trading in that support/resistance range

    2 - amount of points the resistance/support makes

    If anyone can help me and point me in the right direction that would be great!!

    Also, random question, but I'm going to Israel in a few weeks and I'm trying to buy some goods there to sell when I come back to the states. If anyone can recommend something that would be great as well.
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    You were expecting what? An Israeli Stock Screener?

    Oh my gosh, well here it is. This should answer both of your needs. Shalom.
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    I think has all the features you need. Besides it has hundreds of different screening criteria to choose from including ma-price crossovers, stochastics, fibonacci levels ,ichimoku, macd&rsi divergences, chart patterns, accumulation/distribution divergences, support/resistance, point and figure patterns, trendlines, etc. You can select from many technical criteria to find financial instruments that fit your trading strategy. Also you can create multiple custom screens and save your screens for future reference. Provided screens and reports will be extremely helpful in optimizing your trades. It is not a free website but the service you get is really priceless, best stock screener ever...
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    check out Quantshare...I just purchased it last week,but it looks to have great potential and the developer is very helpful.

    If you take the trial,look at the auto draw draw feature...

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    NinjaTrader is my preferred screening platform. I can screen for almost any idea I can come up with. However, you do need the ability to code in c-sharpe.
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  9. Stockfetcher is amazingly flexible and if you can live with week old results, it's free. If not, it's going to set you back a ridiculous $25/quarter. There are a lot of pre-defined screens to get you started and a pretty good user forum as well.
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