Help setting up tic chart?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by baggerlord, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. I am using ensign with esignal and am trying to set up a tic chart where it only creates a new bar when there is an actual change in trading range, ie not just going back and forth between the bid and ask. I'll show you what I have now, and then what I am shooting for. Notice in mine there are like 50 bars for each minute. Thanks!
  2. This is the chart I am shooting for. I have to go to work now so sorry if I don't thank you for your help right away.
  3. Doh! Here it is now.
  4. Nobody knows?
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    To set up tick charts you need to put a "minus" sign before the number of ticks per bar. For example to set up a 50 ticks per bar chart use -50
  6. Maybe it is 133? How would I do that?
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    nitro :confused:
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    OK, click on the "clock" symbol on your tool bar, click "Edit" retype over one of the existing time frames that you will not be using, type -133 and click "Save". Then you can open up a chart using this (133 tick) time frame...
  9. Ah I got it. Thanks!