Help Setting Up Hot Key Bracket Order <please>

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by thereuare, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. I have a decent understanding of computers, but not TWS, and i can't get this to work.

    I trade the E-mini contract. I place a (market) order which i transmit manually (in this instance let's assume a "BUY"), then....

    I would like to set up a hot-key in order to set up a bracket order for the sale, so i'd need

    1) a sell-stop 2pts below the market
    2) a sell-limit 2pts above the market

    I've tried to set this up via CONFIGURE>> HOTKEY>> RECORD, but i can't figure out exactly what parameters on the CONFIGURE tabi need to add data into. Also, thru my trial and error i now have 3 CONFIGURE tabs which i'd like to delete, as they aren't assigned to any keys and don't do what i'm trying to accomplish.

    I'd appreciate any help wtih this... THANKS.
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  3. Thanks, that answered A LOT!!

    But one question remains....

    I set it up so i get 1 buy order and 2 sell orders, just like i want. The quantity shows "1" on all 3 orders, BUT the POSITION/TRAILING KEY column shows 2 on each line?

    I cancelled the whole page and tried it again, each quantity once again showed "1", but the POSITION/TRAILING KEY column now showed 4 on each line!

    I repeated one more time, cancelling and using the short key again, and this time it showed "1" in the quantity for each line, and the POSITION/TRAILING KEY columnshowed 6 on each line.

    I'm used to this column showing how much i'm long/short, and i don't know what a "TRAILING KEY" is, so i'd like to get it figured out before i send "live" orders in this fashion.

    Thanks for your help and the quick response!
    (i did try to search for the answer beforehand, but you can imagine how many results came back when i searched for "hot key")
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    I believe you are referring to the OCA flag. If one gets filled, the other orders get cancelled.
  5. I don't think it's the OCA flag, it's in the column where my position size would typically be once an order gets filled.
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    The line under position says trailing key. Those numbers are definately related to the order and the OCA and conditional flags. you'll notice when you send the order, only the initial order goes green. After it is filled, the profit target and sell stop are entered. If one gets filled, the other gets cancelled.
  7. Thanks def, hopefully i'll get a set-up tomorrow that i'm looking for so i'll be able to try it out.

    Last Question:

    Do i need to transmit the whole page at once, or can i submit one order at a time? (by clicking each "T" on the order line)
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    You would just transmit the intial order and you'll see all three light up.
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