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  1. I'm pretty clueless. Can someone tell me how set up an excel stock database that reads data from iqfeed?
  2. You must purchase a license to use the API that will connect with Excel. IOW: It's NOT FREE:

    If you have sales questions regarding the API

    Call: 800-485-4000 ext. 2816


    Then, if you cannot do programming, you must hire someone to code your trading application.
    I think you'll get away with this much cheaper using the IB platform that comes with a free API.
  3. Wrong... IQFeed includes an "iqlink" exe which allows DDE into excel, for free. A sample Worksheet is also included.

    If you require additional capability outside of the DDE limits, then you must purchase the API.

  4. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    Correct. If you already have IQFeed, you have everything you need to feed data via DDE into Excel. You will need to setup the DDe links in the proper format. The DDE help document is available here:

    The sample DDE spreadsheet should be in your IQFeed directory. If you can't find it, you can download it here:

    You can use the IQLink Launcher application (also located in your IQFeed directory to login to IQFeed prior to starting your Excel workbook.

    For more advanced tools and functionality in Excel using IQFeed data, I would recommend looking at a couple 3rd party apps that support IQFeed. Both XLQ and QuoteIN are widely used by our customers. You can find information about them on our compatible software page at by clicking "compatible software".
  5. wow awesome support, thanks!

    Thanks other posters as well, I really appreciate it.
  6. Sorry about that. I keep thinking of Excel for sending orders as well.
    It's interesting: both IQFeed and TT require additional outlays to do order entry.....while reading the data via RTD or DDE is included. IB of course includes everything for free.