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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by eagle61, Mar 12, 2006.

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    I'm looking for a stock screener with ability to download historical prices for selected period for stocks which passed the screen.

    let me explain a bit:

    - say i want to screen stocks - no big deal, lotsa good and free screeners are available
    - now i want to download historical prices for stocks that passed the screen - say a year worth of daily prices
    - and then i'll run my own set of programs to further analyse these stocks for support/resistance, some propriatory indicators etc. etc.

    of course all these can be accomplished in 2 steps - first screen for stocks - then go with each and every simbol to say yahoo and download historical prices - but that will be a pain in the neck for any significant # of stocks

    so is there any product out there that will do both things in one shot?

    alternatively, maybe there's a convenient 2 step process - say first do a scan and cut and paste a list of tickers into a .txt file, one ticker per line, and then run another program that will take this file as an input and download hist. prices for those tickers?

    TIA for any leads, your help is really appreciated
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  4. you can download amibroker for free (end of day version) and use their Amiquote download program to download as much free data as you want. you can then build scans but you need to be able to do very basic programming to build the scans.

    I download updated data every night for 8000+ stocks and it takes on my dual core pentium about 1 minute and then I run a bunch of already programmed scans to look for certain patterns for possible trades.
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    I have just found that tc2000 will not find me stocks trading at an all time high and started trading within the last eight years. Any ideas what will do this scan?
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    see my earlier post...

    if close(0) > High5Year() then
    println symbol,",",description;
  7. I cannot speak to Marketice's affiliations. I do know Quotes-Plus's EOD data is excellent.
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    no affiliation...have used the program on and off for many years.

    imo- reasonably priced, with a nice scripting language and good data for end of day scanning