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    Hai i am new to AFL. I need to know the meaning of the parameters for param and rsi functions. For param function what is "default value" and "min & max" parameters. What is the meaning of "period" parameter in RSI function. If possible would anyone please guide me to the resource where i can find detailed explanation about AFL functions.
  2. Simply read the manual, it's all there. default value is the first value being used when function is applied on chart or exploration or backtest or scan or optimization. min and max is the range of values you can set to choose from.

    For example

    periodRSI = param("Period RSI", 14, 10, 100, 1);

    above one is the paramter function for param window. 14 is the default value. 10 and 100 are min and max values and 1 is the step. So you can choose a RSI peridod in steps of 1 from 10 to 100. Is that understood? Well, it's pretty easy.

    then you write the following for your RSI:

    myRSI = RSIa(C, periodRSI);

    If you wanna plot it

    plot(myRSI, "RSI(" + periodRSI + ")", colorRed, styleline);
    plotGrid(50, colorlightGrey);
    plotGrid(30, colorGreen);
    plotGrid(70, colorRed);
  3. In short it's easier than to pee sitting down or to crap standing up.
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    Thanks Putin.
    Please clarify the below doubts also.
    what are the possible values of periodRSI?
    Can i access the individual array element in myrsi.
  5. Re-read what I have written above and look at the code and you will understand. Apply the code on a chart and you will understand it even more clearly. Also read the manual to understand what all Param functions do mean in detail.
  6. Use Paramfield for that

    array = ParamField("Choose Array", 3);

    myRSI = RSIa(array, periodRSI);