help - recover files after OS re-install ?

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  1. had to re-install XP Pro but did so without formating the HD

    in C/Programs all the programs from the original install are still there and i've loaded a
    couple via their setup files, i'd like to be able to access some files that were on the
    previous/original desktop - is there any way to access those files ?

    i changed the user name during the re-install, would a re-install with the original name
    make any difference to accessing/displaying the original desktop, the files and program shortcuts ?
  2. thanks adadadog

    the files weren't financially valuable but i found them and the backup folder i'd created
    before the crash
    they were in C:\Documents and Settings\ced\Desktop which would probably ? have
    loaded if i'd used the 'ced' name during the install
  3. If there's a moral to this story, it's never trust Microsoft with your data.

    Microsoft operating systems have proven forever to be unreliable junk. The fact you "reinstalled" the operating system affirms that.

    And I would guess that was XP SP3 update 3,922 hotfix 98,673 patch 22,000,000?

    A completely seperate drive with regular backups and an immediate backup anytime problems are encountered is how I have found survival.

    I look forward to the day we get rid of Microsoft. They know about problem after problem yet they fail and fail.
  4. Or, it was a foolhardy leap of faith believing/hoping that the OS could be reinstalled without impacting data.

    Back in DOS days, you could do an "overwrite reinstall" and it would usually work. I tried it once with XP, but it didn't work. I've tried the "XP Repair" install 3-4 times.. never worked right.

    Seems the only safe way is to make backups of your important stuff and do a proper OS install.

    Bill Gates and Microsoft changed the world.. for the better. Hard to justify bitching about them, IMV.

    You're a smart guy, you could be using Linux or Mac and have nothing to carp about.
  5. they make USB/thumb drives. 8+ Gb for cheap You take your important files and copy them over.

    Hard to imagine that the OP did not think before reinstalling

    in fact, you should backup all your useful files this way constantly (weekly, monthly, whatever), then it would not have been much of an issue.

    It might be 2010, but data/file backup has not gone away as an issue when using computers.
  6. OP is likely inexperienced. Long-timers would never attempt such a thing... at least not other than as a "last resort" and without the mindset, "probably won't work (but if it does it could save me some time and effort), and I'm prepared for that"...