Help quick on FITB! 4-9-09

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  1. Stock= FITB

    I bought 150,000 shares this morning at 3.00 about 5 min after the open, scaled into it, just buying them at 3.00.

    I sold 50,000 shares at 3.23 bout 5 min ago, and I'm holding 100,000 shares.

    Nailed it. Any advice? Any thoughts on where to get out?
  2. Hold it for a run. If the move fades, get out around 3.10
  3. Thanks. A $30,000 trade and only 1 other reader out there in ET land?
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    I would book some more profits here in the low 3.20s. It is at a breakout point but watch FAS or other banks for a clue. there is good support in the 3.10 area.
  5. How much more do you think I should take in? I already took in a third of the trade at a $11,500 profit. I'm thinking about holding this trade till the close, or getting out at 3.10 for a little profit, I tend to hold my winners pretty good.

    I took a loss on some UNG this morning trying to play the Natural Gas number at 9:30. I lost about $9,100 on that trade, so I'd like to cover that loss and end up with a profit on the day. I could lock in another 22k now but I think I'm gonna ride it a little. More imput would be appretiated.
  6. I think dow could hold 8,000 in the cash, and I think futures are gonna blow through 8,000 in the mid day. If that happens I'm thinking this stock could be a lot higher.
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    There are no perfect answers. Resistance is building at the 3.25 area, so I'd sell some on a break under 3.20. 3.10 is strong support and much better support that 3.00. The next decent support level under 3.10 is in the high 2.80s.
  8. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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    FWIW on UNG, the big money folks that control the action in that almost always pop it on the storage number and it is usually a head fake. There is a massive supply of NG at the moment.
  10. Thanks everyone on ET for your imput, NOT. Nobody could give me a little help, especially on a good size position. I ended up holding it and currently waiting to get out. FITB= 3.38 now. Another 15k baby.
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