Help... question re: ATI Radeon install w/Win 2k

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by saturn, Oct 16, 2002.

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    Been using Win ME and have decided to upgrade to Win 2000 Pro.

    My current set-up is a ATI Radeon VE (32mb) AGP dual monitor card along with a Diamond Stealth 32mb PCI card. All 3 monitors work fine in the old (Win ME) setup.

    I just installed Win 2k Pro and for some reason, I can only see 2 monitors, 1 from the ATI and 1 from the Diamond card. For some reason, I can't get the ATI card to read TWO separate monitors.

    I installed the latest drivers for the ATI card but I can't get the 2 monitors to work.

    I am stumped as everything worked fine with Win ME... ??
  2. This may not be especially helpful, but I too have an ATI Radeon dual monitor (did you get it from DELL?) card and it works fine under W2K with both monitors, so at least you know it's possible for it to work.

    Try searching Google and the Microsoft knowledgebase to see what others have done in your situation.

    Finally, perhaps you should back off to the old OS unless there is a specific reason for your upgrade?
  3. Ken_DTU


    the ATI all in wonder radeon 7500 AGP I bought apparently won't let you have other PCI video cards working with it, so it's now gathering dust, while my matrox g400 is back in play.

    took me a couple of phone calls, the ATI tech support said it won't work with other video cards in the same pc, something they didn't mention on the box, anyways, you may have the same issue; I'm also using a win2k system.

  4. gnome


    I asked ATI tech that question, they said "... ATI dual head will not work with other cards in W2K..." That was 6 months ago, don't know if something has changed.
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