Help pls! Can somebody tell me the IB's symbol for Eurex's Swiss Gov Bond?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Optionpro007, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. It should be CONF according to Esignal but IB is using that symbol for the Soffex contract.

    Thanks !!! :)
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    It is CONF, I believe



  3. Agree CONF is for Soffex.

    But the contract is also traded at EUREX.

    That is the symbol I am looking for. Thkx.

    (For some reason IB doesn't let me trade Soffex even though I get quotes and have clicked for permission on the mgmt page. anybody perhaps has had the same problem?)
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  5. Thanks for the link ids.

    I probably understand incorrectly, just to make sure, are you implying US residents can't trade the Swiss Gov Bond? (I can with other US based brokers...)

    I don't see the S.G.B. in the DTB list. But the Bund and others are tradable though.

    Appreciate your help if you can. What I am looking for besides making sure we can trade it, is the correct IB symbol for the SGB at the EUREX(DTB)..

    The EUREX has this contract listed.


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    not sure if IB trades this contract as the volume and open interest is quite low.

    best to contact IB customer service
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    We do offer CONF futures. It looks like they should be permitted for US residents but they are not currently. I will try to dig deeper and fix it.
  9. Great. Thanks ! If you can, could you also look into unlocking the SMI. The Swiss Market Index Futures contract?

  10. Agree. I am not really trading big enough volume to really make a difference yet though...

    thanks for your reply.
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