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  1. aadmi


    can someone please tell me if swift trade is a good company for a newbie to learn this business.
    is there anyone here who wasn't successful trader, then went through their training and became successful.
    Or is there someone here who took their traing and can give me highlights as to what they teach.
    Lastly, do they teach a trading system or they let you developyour own system.....

    Your response would be greatly valued......

    Thank you
  2. I very briefly worked for them, like 2 days.

    Training was bascially a manual that explained what the markets and exchanges were.

    Then they taught you how use there software and that was it. The good part was they didn't require any money from me. That was a great opportunity to learn. Other than that they just said get to know the good traders and learn from them. There was not official training program or anything.

    Unfortunately, I had to leave due to other reasons. Otherwise I was looking forward to working there.

    I've heard that Swift was moving towards requiring initial risk captial to trade with them. I don't know if that is really the case or not. If it is then you may want to check out other prop companies to compare rates.
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    Hi trada101
    I emailed them, they said I dont have to put up an capital. I haven't applied there but im thinking of doing so. I inquired about any losses that I would have to make up and they said non. But the thing that is making me think twice is what if their training is just about their software (like you said).
    I asked them about their training. They said it last between 2 - 6months. It ends where the trader can profit $2000 a month but im just thinking should I apply or not. I just dont want to give them 2-3 months without pay and then find out that they are not worth it. If they teach a specific system or winning strategy then it would be worth it and I dont have a problem learning their system and give few months without pay.

    Any advice if I should apply or not
  4. Well, yes at the office I joined, "training" lasted 3 months and during that time you had to become profitable.

    Look, swift may not give you real training and such BUT and this is a HUGE BUT, they allow you to trade with real money. That in itself is the most difficult thing a trader has to deal with.

    Plus, it get lonely when you trade on your own and it's great to trade with others.

    Trust me, get in if you can. You should be paying them for the opportunity!

  5. aadmi


    ok thanks for the advice ( and I really appreciate your input)

    Im going to apply there and see if I get it

    Thanks again
  6. kidkash


    I agree trada101 I think swift provides a great opportunity for new traders. I just had my 2nd interview with them hoping to get the 3rd one also.

    In my perspective you couldnt ask for a better opportunity to learn the markets and trade with real money. Plus you get to meet more people with the same interest as you.