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  1. Hi everyone,

    I would like to be a trader for several reasons, however I am concerned and would like your opinions please and maybe some guidance.

    My concerns are:

    1. I am 30 years of age and only now trying to become a trader.
    2. I have no degrees, nor qualifications of such.
    3. Companies are spoilt for choice with experienced people looking.
    4. If I focus solely with a company's trainee programme, then again I will be competing with recent graduates.

    My possible positives are:

    1. I am about to study for a certificate in derivatives from The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (formally ISI).
    2. I have a CV which shows promotion in each and every company I have worked for and the ability to excel in all that I do, especially targets (promoted to bank manager for Barclays Bank which at the time I was the youngest bank manager and I looked after their biggest central branch).
    3. I am currently an Associate Director for an Estate Agency in Central London (I understand that a sales background sometimes in property is welcomed).
    4. My wife works within an industry that networks with companies HR departments, within the financial sector, so their is a possibility of interviews due to contacts.

    I would appreciate your honesty as I do not want to go into this blind and would like to focus on weak areas to give me the best opportunity. Secondly I am not sure what type of trader I would like to be? Certainly feel that a propriety trader would be good, but any ideas and suggestions welcomed and very much appreciated.
  2. Not sure if I'll be of much help as I can only speak from a proprietary trading perspective in the US.

    Our firm, Kershner Trading, does not require a degree and your age wouldn't be an issues whatsoever.

    We actually prefer traders without a whole lot of experience, so we won't have to spend time undoing bad habits.

    Again, not sure if this helps much as things are a bit different in the UK. I've recently hired to UK traders, both of whom were eligible to work in the US and if I recall you're correct they were degreed and did have quite a number of years experience working in their firms in UK. One of them may be a member to this forum. I'll see if I can get him to also answer.

    Best of luck with your career endeavors and if you're ever able to work in the US drop me a line!

    Kim Hollenshead
    Recruiting Specialist
    Kershner Trading Group
    Austin TX USA
  3. Dear Kim,

    Thank you very much for your time and kind reply.

    I would love to work in America, unfortunately I fear that would be an issue as I would only be able to if I was to be sponsored by an American based company.

    Good to hear no real negatives and I will keep up my research, so far being a Forex Trader is getting me excited, but early days to comment.

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    Just sent you a PM.
  5. be careful about who is responding to you. this business has a lot of snakeoil salesmen, well, you are a salesman yourself, whom am I kidding with?

    but let me give u the hard statistics: 99% fail in trading. yes, 99%. so save your money, don't waste it. you will thank me for my advice.