HELP PLEASE-Where are my contracts ?

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    I use AMP (though this may change because of this) I went short 4 ES contracts about 4.40pm EST. The position showed up on the DOM right away, even at a profit as I shut down (about 5.30pm) Ninja. I logged back on and there is no position showing ???

    I checked through the order and execution tabs on Ninja and the 4 sells show up - no buys to cover show up, and even on the execution tab shows position 4S. Though when I check the position tab it's blank.

    I've put three calls in to AMP - just answering machine - lesson learned here :-(

    Anyway any ideas ? I'd like to cover them and lock in a few bucks, but sure don't want to end up holding 4 ES long if the position has already been taken out - though no where can I see that, apart from no position showing on the DOM .

    Any help appreciated.

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    Well, this might sound silly, but you were not on simulation were you?
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    no problem, no I was live and actually see the filled live orders to my account not sim'.

    The sad thing is the other day I did do a trade in sim' (start up default) lesson learned :)

    Thanks though.
  4. Is there an overnight desk that you can call?
  5. Log on to your FCM's website and see if you have a position!
    Dorman or RCG or whoever they clear.

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    thanks all for the info'.

    NO !! I've been calling AMP no respone.

    Though, thank you for the info' about following up with Chicago Clearing. My portal shows four short contracts, so guess I'm ok in closing them out.

    Thanks again,
  7. Not sure of AMP but some brokers require a permission to trade after hours.
  8. Like a permission slip?

  9. watch out before clearing those contracts out on Ninja....I had this same problem but with another broker, and on a TT data feed. In my case though, it showed a position that never existed, and I just assumed I had fat fingered an order, and closed it out....which resulted in a NEW, ACTUAL position....many days later neither my broker, TT, or Ninja could either explain how this happened or wanted to take the blame for the foul up. Luckily it only cost me a few thousand dollars, but it did take my month from positive to flat, which was VERY unacceptable. My advice would be to do any other orders via a different platform, and via a different broker if that is the only platform they offer.

    Bottom line...if something isn't showing up in Ninja, clear it out manually through the order desk. Otherwise, you'll have a "stale" position on Ninja, and if any power failure, etc ever causes Ninja to automatically flatten your positions (if you have that set up), then you'll get a brand new position you never wanted, because it only saw the second of the two trades you made...even though both went through the system. Just the reverse of what happened to me. Send Ninja support your files too and see if they can make anything of it, but don't expect to get anywhere with them.
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    Reading your post tonight was a surreal experience for me.

    I went short 4 YM market reopen this evening and called AMP just to ask a question about margin. Didn't have a problem but I just wanted to ask a question.


    Ahhh, then I remembered that the rep gave me a "312" direct # to their "after hours desk".

    I thought I did my homework before opening an account with them b/c I made sure they had an "after hours" #.

    Guess what? Never called it 'till tonight...around 5:30 EST. Who answered? MIRUS! That's right, Mirus. Well, you can imagine that conversation, so I called Dorman and he said he could help me..."until I leave in a half hour. Then you're on your own".

    Called Mirus back and he confirmed that this has happened before....getting calls from AMP clients. Apparently no AMP after hours "emergency " desk.

    With all the ramblings on this site about methods/brokers, etc? Why isn't stuff like this posted on ET?!!! Is any one actually trading here?!

    [Oh...maybe just not with AMP]

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