help please - IEXPLORE.exe problems

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Wallace, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. with IE 6 on W2K from one particular forum (did they ban me ?)
    but also here at ET, I'm getting the error messages -
    ' IEXPLORE.exe has generated errors . . . ' or the one that restarts
    IE after being closed

    I've tried several fix methods directly related to iexplore without
    curing the problem including changing IE settings, could it be
    anything to do with Flash or ActiveX ?
  2. Try running TrendMicro's Hijackthis utility

    Do a scan only, then uncheck the IE/Browsers objects(Shown as "BHO:" & any "Toolbar:") and click fix...
  3. thanks HangSengJack but there's nothing there
    will be doing a format this weekend as I also got hit with
    something named xrt_collect that's been buggering-up
    the system
  4. Ashley


    I strongly recommend you upgeade to FireFox (at the very least)...virtually all sites support it now (at least the traders i've used) and its very secure..recently FireFox was voted the most secure browser.
  5. thanks for the replies

    i've installed firefox and was able to get
    on the forum i was having problems with
    which firefox displayed as having missing
    software - flash - which didn't seem to
    install, and i already have flash 9 installed

    using ff now and the reply area i'm typing
    in has been reduced to this text width you
    are viewing ??? also no longer see the ads
    whereas using ie6 i could see the ads but
    was getting the errors and closes

    will keep ie6 for mail and browse with ff