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  1. Dear Friends and Good Samaritans,

    You’re gonna laugh or at least smile when you read about my latest project. Below is the link to the casting call video I did for a PBS reality series called The Winemakers Season 2. I also included the blog I created that explains this adventure in a bit more detail. To be considered

    I need as many people as possible to view the video by August 7 – please watch & share link below! Only hours are left!

    when producers will decide, in part, based on whose video is seen the most. Thanks for helping me get this seen by those in your circle!

    I’ve recently been inspired to further pursue my passion for wine as a contestant in a reality series for PBS called, The Winemakers. My casting call video is below:
  2. *sigh*
  3. Would some Franzia White Zin and Cheez-Whiz pair nicely with your "whine"? :D
  4. good luck, hopefully you get to taste some great Syrah and Viogniers from the Rhone. Pick up some 2007 Chateauneuf for the cellar, they have some potential I think.