Help out Hamzei Analytics on twitter

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by RiceRocket, May 1, 2009.

  1. Fari Hamzei is a great guy, I used to subscribe to his site, it had a lot of good info for analyzing volatility and trading derivatives in general.

    He is trying to get 2,000 twitter subscribers by the end of today. He currently has 1,939, so It won't take much to reach the goal. It's of no cost to you, just plug in your email address to sign up for twitter.

    Here's Fari's link:

    He posts his program trading detection, and index futures trade on twitter. So, it's a good way for a beginner, or someone who needs a little guidance to follow along real-time for free.
  2. Umm, help a business gain subscribers? Why doesn't he try something called "advertising" instead of reverse spamming?
  3. It's done, the goal was reached. Thanks to anyone who checked it out. This was not spam, it was to help support the trading community. I have used hundreds of services over the years, and if I can help people filter through to the good stuff, I will. If you read through all my posts, you will find this is one of the rare posts I've done for a trading service. I was not asked to post this, I did it for a fellow trader.
  4. He kept sending me spam a few years ago and when I sent him an email saying "how many emails to I have to send you for you to quit sending me your spam" he got all indigant about it. LOL.
  5. How does it help "a fellow trader" when the trader is a business seeking subs, and you are here cheering on adding us to his subs???

    That is called indirect spam
  6. Fuck off asshole. I'm in no mood for a flame war.
  7. But you don't mind trying to build traffic for a commercial business.

    The other person who was getting spammed by Hamzei into his email is not the only one. he is nothing special.
  8. Guys- twitter is FREE. I find his twitter feed interesting as well as stocktwits. They are both great FREE resources for all of us.
  9. Twitter is gonna be a place where new religions will be born ..

    Like the dude who raced CNN for 2 mil followers.

    I read somewhere that you can create page with google ads and send the link to your folowers and 4% will check the link and generate you some cash.