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  1. xiaozhi


    stupid enough, my new computer was infected with trojan win delf a month ago, anti virus detected it after 30 minutes of inactivity.
    I format my hard drive, and changed all passwords except my ira accounts. (stupid enough)
    on 3/26. I got a trade notice from my ira. (from firsttrade.)
    Some sob log into my accounts, and buy at 0.48-0.5 for over 50K shares. Now the pinkshit is 0.25....
    I called the firsttrade and they acknowledge it is not my trades and the market maker can not bust the trades. I wonder if there is any rules I can bust the trades or get insured like spic. What is the best way to resolve this?
    I already changed all password on every single account I could have and reformat the hard drive again.

  2. Well I can't help you regarding this. But this is exactly why I have a dedicated, secure computer for all financial activities. Don't install any programs on it except some basic ones and don't surf the net with it. It also has multiple firewalls, and even other computers on the LAN can't connect to it.
  3. Why should someone else get their trade busted just because you say something happened to your computer?

    Would YOU like it is your profitable trade was busted becuase some joe blow had compter trouble on his P133?

    That is not how market places work.,There are 2 parties to every trade - a buyer and a seller. The trade is a BINDING contract between them.
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    If you think it is Legal to get your SSN, apply a credit card and buy a computer. Then the contract is binding. But it is ILLEGAL!!
  5. bidask


    how did this trojan get onto your computer? do you download and run stuff that people send you?
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    that was in the news, chance is they will point fingers at each others but you are out of luck and there is no guarantee of your money back even if they catch the hacker. He is likely some teenage from diff country with no legal tie to US anyway.
  7. xiaozhi


    I surf some internet while I was setting up the new pc. so sth must hack in before install antivirus. Then the anitvirus alert after the installation.
    I did not backup the website history I visited before I format the hard drive. Other wise I can find out which damn website now.
  8. bidask


    did you download anything when you were surfing? internet explorer or firefox should ask you if you want to download something.
  9. how much did you lose? if you dont mind me asking.
  10. xiaozhi


    50% of my ira...
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