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    While attempting to Upgrade Norton systems works from '02 to '05, I found out after the fact, that there are numerous problems that cause continual bluescreen system crashes. The tech support in India has no real solution and seem only to suggest BS solutions that don't work.They have admitted that this is a problem.

    Bottomline there appears to be no solution to this POS software other than to reformat the drive from scratch because it has screwed up the reigstry and added files to the C drive that can't be deleted.

    Here's the question. I have about 70 programs about 1/3 of which I use on a regular basis.

    After reformatting, I assume that I have to reinstall each one, one by one,which is long and time consuming. Is there any simpler way, say by copying the programs from a backup of the programs on the existing C drive and have them work. Or do the programs need freshly installed?

    Thanks for the help. Mike
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    Fresh Install to take you out of your misery
  3. you cant transfer programs. they must be reinstalled. i recommend you get a new hard drive and use that. save the old hard drive and the data just in case you mess up.
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    OK Thanks. I have two hardrives in parallel in Raid 1. How about if I take one out and set it aside just in case for a backup? Except that later on I'll have to figure ot how to get the extra drive back into the system, perhaps in a different configuration than raid 1.

    I knew I could count on you guys for help.

    Thanks much, Mike
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    Except that later on I'll have to figure out how to get the extra drive back into the system, perhaps in a different configuration than raid 1.
    To Kowboy... Just install that saved HDD as a SLAVE HDD to the new HDD... Use a standard duel IDE drive method.

    The saved HDD should come up as "D" drive. ( I assumed that the new HDD has only one partition.) Forget about Raid untill you have all working OK and no longer need anything from the old saved HDD... Then reformat the old HDD and install back in the Raid method, if you want to.

    Fairly straight foward.. agpilot
  6. I am glad I found this thread since I suspect that an upgrade to mcafee did something similar to my machine. I was just searching here for info on building machine from scratch.

    My virus scan was freezing after running for 15-20 minutes & I had to unplug my machine to reboot it. Mcafee had me run a test & the results showed that 3 registry entries had a problem...they told me to ignore this & suggest I run it in safemode, run disk defrag, reinstall, run scandisk, plus a bunch of other stuff, & it was still freezing & locking my machine. At least they admitted I didn't have any viruses since I had run a bunch of free scans online including theirs which turned up nothing.

    Turns out that scandisk/chkdsk results showed error messages & failed tests & recommend to backup files.

    I am lucky like you in that the old machine still works to backup files. In fact, my machine runs fine & I never would have noticed anything wrong until mcafee freezing.

    Good luck with your machine & I am searching here for more info to help me get ready to build my machine from scratch when I get the new harddrive Monday (luckily for free on warranty).
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    Have you tried to do a system restore from a date prior to the upgrade?
  8. Yes & that did not fix it. So my hard drive is on the way out & the mcafee somehow "fixed itself" while I was on the technical chat with them & they had me run it. It could have been one of the automatic updates that was installed after I reported the problem that fixed the freezing problem.
    But I guess there is no way to know exactly what caused the hard drive problem. Does anyone run hard drive diagnostics after making changes to thier machine like software installs & upgrades ??? Seems like that would be a way to narrow down the causes.
  9. If you are interested in having any stability at all, dump Norton. I had the worst experiences going through different Norton upgrades till I junked the dog completely. I had to do re-installs like you. BTW, they don't seem to shine in tests either.

    The last 2 years I have used Kaspersky antivirus and firewall on all M$ systems. Stop the misery and give it a try. You'll never get screwed again!
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    I used Norton SystemWorks from 2000-2003. In 2004, had troubles and eventually removed Norton completely.

    Now, I use AVG antivirus and System Mechanic for utility suite.
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