Help on Colorgraphic Xentera 4 port cards...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by elindydotcom, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. I just got a couple of colorgraphics xentera 4 port cards and I am attempting to install them into a Sony Vaio RS320 computer. I am attempting to install the first one and, unfortunately it has failed. Since the colorgraphics tech support dept only work bankers hours, I figured I'd post my issue here just in case there are suggestions that I may be able to try over the weekend. It's tough to do this stuff in the middle of the trading day when tech support is active.

    The basic installation works - I can get ONE port to display. But, I cannot get the other three ports to work. No output, nothing. I know that the screens work because I am using them now on another computer.

    I have tried the following:

    - Installed the updated drivers from the colorgraphic website.

    - Disabled hardware in the device manager such as the firewire and sound cards in order to try to give the card more resources to work with. However, the Sony Vaio does not offer any option to disable the onboard graphics controller card in bios so I'm stuck with that being turned on. If I disable the onboard graphics card in device manager, the computer displays no output at all.

    - I have tried putting the card in another slot (I only have two slots to choose from).

    Also, I only see TWO additional screens in the display properties instead of 4. But, of those two screens, I can only get the first one to output stuff - the second one doesn't do anything at all even though it's active.

    This card has TWO ATI gpus and seems to install drivers for each one. In device manager, it shows four display controllers available (but one of them looks like it's inactive with an error code of 10 - the other three are active)

    Any ideas on getting the additional ports to work greatly appreciated.