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    My name is Sharon Ginzborsky, CEO of Talniri.
    Talniri is the Distributor of the biggest broker companies in Israel, and we currently represent 6000 costumers who deals and trade through my company. Talniri is Also the owner of the Website, which provides online news and analysis

    Now days I am checking a few options concerning the possibility of working directly with an American broker and saving the time and effort for my costumers.

    I am looking for a company that can provide me with this services:

    -Being the company IB in Israel
    -Real-time streaming or delayed data that can be used on my web site

    Sharon Ginzborsky, CEO.
  2. contact me directly. I've worked in the industry for years and have relationships at all major FCMs. I can definitly help you get in contact with the right person at the right fcm for you.