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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by robbo, Dec 3, 2005.

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    Hi,I have just installed Norton Internet security 2005 on my PC and it done something major to my PC.When I boot it up it allows me to enter my Windows password then it goes onto the desktop but then freezes.I cant un-install Norton or do anything else.Can anyone recommend anything to resolve this problem,any feedback much appreciated.
  2. i have heard of many similar problems with norton lately. maybe better call norton. otherwise try booting in safe mode and uninstall it.
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    It took me about 10 attempts before I could remove it in safe mode,nasty software.I wish I had of bought other anti virus/security software.
  4. I used to have major problems with norton eating resources, locking up my pc, slowing down the net. I dumped it and switched to Mcafee and now have zero problems.
  5. Norton is like McDonalds... they sell the most, but they are not the best. I say save your money and use the free edition of Grisoft...

    I've used grisoft free over 3 years, multiple PCs, SOHO wireless network. Never a problem.

    Good luck.
  6. Norton used to be the leader...I have watched their software dig itself it's own grave.

    Their marketing is not the culprit

    Their good name was not the culprit (no longer good)...

    It was their product developments itself to blame...the engineers destroyed the company...and there is just better solutions out there...

    To get norton out of your registry...reinstall windows...
  7. Shit, maybe that's MY problem too. Norton....
  8. most likely its one of many of your computer far as trading I have learned to fade myself :)

  9. i've had mcafee 3 years never a problem ever. before that i ahd to reinstall woindows at least 5 tiomes over 3 years due to bugs
  10. Hehe,

    Do a little search on Norton at ET or other places. You might quickly find out that ever since 2003 this "security" thingie is one of the most secure ways to screw up your PC. Play it again Sam?

    Uninstalling? Forget it. You'll have to reinstall everything after having reformatted your HD.
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