Help needed to study indicators / indices / statistics on the Indian industry

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    You may answer any part of this question, thank you

    I would like economic statistics of the indices given below in a tabular form so that I can make charts on them. What I want is links to daily weekly monthly or quarterly data ( absolute numbers, or percentages or increase decrease over earlier periods ) from 2003 ( or even a lesser period ) Even if there is no historical data available I would like some links from where I can get these numbers starting now.

    India mainly & USA / International where applicable


    drugs, formulations, bulk, other

    chemicals, detergents, dyes, pesticides, soda ash
    fertilizers, leather, Lpg,

    petroleum products - LAB prices, hdpe ldpe lldpe, Packing, Plastics,
    Crude, Brent , Natural Gas, Aviation Turbine Fuel,
    Oil Drilling, Refineries,

    Auto - 2wheelers, commercial, passenger, tractors
    auto ancillaries – & bearings, castings, fasteners, tyres

    Food Products, tea, sugar, breweries, cigarettes, oils, FMCG
    solvent extracts, starch,

    consumer staples, durables, non durables, utilities
    domestic and electrical appliances

    shipping – like Baltic Freight Index

    Hotels, Real Estate, construction, civil, government orders

    Paper and Pulp, Newsprint Price , Rubber

    Cables, wires, telecommunications

    Electrical equipment, components,
    Capital Goods, Heavy engineering, turnkey services,
    Pumps, refractories, transmission Towers
    Power, utilities, transmission and Distributers, Equipment Suppliers

    Metals - ( Londin Metal Exchange )
    Copper, Aluminium , Zinc, tin,
    Steel Sheets, Hot and Cold Rolled Coils, flats, rods, Pig Iron, Iron ore
    gold, silver other precious metals

    Cement – Despatches nos, price in NSEW, ceramics, asbestos

    Entertaintment industry, broadcast, multiplexes, print, media, cable

    Information and Technology, Hardare, Software, BPO,

    Textiles of all types