Help needed to solve computer crashes.

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  1. The past few days I've been through some computer crashes where the system shuts down completely. Usually this occurs suddenly but sometimes I receive an error message before it shuts down.

    I have received two so far:
    * A blue screen shows up that says an error has occured in NTFS.sys and the system will be shut down.
    * A blue screen shows up that says a physical memory dump has been done and the system will be shut down.

    Usually the system shuts down immediately, as though somebody has pulled out the plug. The crashes often happen in sequences, after the computer has been running for a while.

    Upon startup I sometimes receive the error message "overclocking failed" before the computer goes to Windows.

    I'm wondering what causes these crashes.

    I've checked the temperature on my CPU and it reports a temperature of 100 degrees celcius / 212 degrees fahrenheit. The fan's rotation speed is 2700 RPM.

    The processor is an Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz and the temperature seems kinda high. Is it possible that the crashes are related to an overheated CPU or should I be looking at something else?
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    212 f, holy shit, it's a wonder the cpu isn't dead. Mine starts flashing warnings @ 150f. You are not properly conducting heat away from the cpu, there is a physical connection between the cpu and the conductor ( heatsink/fan unit). This connection is either tape or grease. It's purpose is to absorb heat from the cpu and transfer it to the metal heatsink?fan. You need to take it apart and replace , grease is better, sold at computer stores in small tubes. I've seen this grease burned to a brown color and tapes almost black from overheating. Before you go to that trouble make sure the fan is actually operating properly, all the blades are still on it etc, cud just be that or the heatsink is full of dust. I wouldn't run it untill I resolved it.
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    NTFS.sys is the windows file system that 'manages' the data on disk. Too early to tell but you may have either virus or corrupted disk drive.

    Next time you are able to bring the system up from my computer locate the name of your disk drive, right click on it and select properties; from properties, select the tools tab, check the selection boxes for error-checking and then select 'check now'.

    This may nor may not turn up problems with your disk drive. If there is no problem with the disk drive, try a spyware/virus scan at the detail level for your system ...

    Good luck

  4. I'm afraid it's time for the dreaded reformat and reinstall.. good luck
  5. Thank you so much for your reply! I removed the fan and cleaned a layer of dust from between the heatsink and the CPU. I noticed that the termal paste was mostly gone so I bought a tube and applied it. Everything seems to be running smoothly now. I'm running monitoring logs using Speedfan and the temperature is constantly below 150f now.
  6. Go to control panel then systems then advanced and unclick where it denotes automatic reboot. Next time it happens your machine will not automatically reboot and you can have more time to study message.

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    cool just install Speedfan, glad that you can solve your probl so quickly. :)
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    speed fan is decent software, but imo not really accurate..

    check this out, i'm running spybot,system temperature is 42-43C,core-26 on almost fully loaded CPU.
    sometimes it's even shows core temp as negative number :)

    at same time, CMOS shows core temp around 40C
    buy new CPU fan,change grease to arctic 5 and reformat whole thing..studiing errors not going to give you much. the system is already corrupted..
  9. I already had auto reboot switched off before the crashes occured. The blue screens were likely generated through a BIOS setting.

    There doesn't seem to be any problem with a legacy device or memory module so the crashes must have happend because of the overheated CPU. No damage has been done to the CPU and it performs alot better now.

    Thanks to everyone for their help! :)
  10. nkhoi, can you help me out and tell me which of these values represents my CPU temperature? Or is it in the scrollable window at the top? If so, do you know which value I should look at?

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