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    I am a former floor (options) spread broker/trader. I am a brand new Interactive Broker’s customer. I do not want to try to re-invent the wheel. My guess is what I am looking for most likely already exists. I am not very familiar with Interactive Broker’s Trader’s Work Station or API interface and rather than spend a lot of time figuring it out, I am seeing whether it would be more cost effective to engage with someone who is an expert with IB's system.

    I trade butterflies, conversion/reversals, boxes and time spreads mostly. I currently (thru another broker) submit 6000 orders each day with the push of a button. I create the spread orders in Excel and transmit. I want to be able to do the same at IB and would like to automate the creation of the spreads I enter which I currently create manually in Excel. I also would like to automatically put the orders back out once the original buy or sell has been executed.

    Some features I would like include:

    Easy (automated) creation of multiple (many thousand) spreads orders by putting in an underlying stock/index symbol and a range of put and call options to be included (usually at-the-money and out-of-the-money options).

    User defined parameters such as:

    Whether the butterflies are 1pt, 2pt, 5pt or 10 pt. (could be more than one)

    Price I will pay for trade

    A choice of which trades, once executed, are immediately put out for sale.

    An easy way to add/delete spreads to spreadsheet when an option series expires or a new series is added.

    Contact me by email or call my cell 603-387-3081.


    Jon Feins