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    Please help me find a custom pc builder for a small form factor desktop like a Mac mini clone. I also want someone with excellent reviews on

    I would like a powerful cpu like i7 3610 or 3770 with 16 gb ram and 128 gb ssd and decent video card.

    I would also like it to be less than about 12 lbs.
    The Mac mini weighs less than 3 lbs.

    So far the builds have come in at 15 or 20 or 30 lbs.

    Here is an example of what I am looking for but this is too heavy and expensive:

    Any help is much appreciated!
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  3. Are you spamming the site with your own personal links?

    If you know so exactly and specifically what you want why not just build it yourself? Personally I think you'd get a lot of interest and followers if you could find a way to cool an i7 inside something that small - because it's not currently possible...

    There are lots of solutions out there but requiring your builder to have feedback on a specific site is a little suspect.
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    why not just get a laptop though... doesn't make much sense for that small of a desktop, when you can get workstation laptops.
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    just21 you do not need a sperate video card the integrated graphics on the cpu are good enough to run two monitors.
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  7. What is your goal, really?

    If it is just compact, light-weight, portability and speed, you can get a laptop with i7 3610QM chip. There is no mentioning that you need to drive 4 or 6 monitors in your post. With USB-based adapters, you may be able to drive 3 to 4 monitors.
  8. Never heard someone say weight is a factor in a desktop.

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    Please help me understand this. With laptops I can hook up to 1 external monitor. For more than that I need an External Display Video Adapter like this:

    or this

    Is this correct?

    Why is the Matrox above so expensive compared to the iogear product?

    Many thanks for your help.
  10. I build a lot of mobile setups for traders and weight does play a role, both on the monitors and on the actual PC so that they can shove it all into a carry on suitcase and keep it with them the whole trip vs. be overweight and forced to check it and risk everything getting destroyed.

    Machines in plastic cases vs. metal can shave a pound here & there, taking out some of the internals, etc. can also shave a pound or so. We use velcro and picture frame stands to hold up the monitors. I've spent more time than I care to think about inside framing stores weighing and fussing with picture frame stands that are light but robust enough to hold up a monitor.

    Every time I build one of those mobile trading rigs I always include a hand written note that says "remember you are taking a vacation for a reason"

    Matrox is really good, quality stuff whereas the cheaper stuff is just that... cheaper.

    Most modern laptops will come with two (or even three) external hookups. When you shop for one just look at the specs. They pretty much all will come with an HDMI port as well as either a DVI or a VGA port. Some will have a mini-display port and a DVI and a HDMI. (many Acer brand laptops will have all three, HDMI, mini Display Port & DVI/VGA)

    If the chipset is Intel or NVIDIA for the video in the laptop it will let you hook up more than one monitor directly to the laptop. That would get you 2-3 external monitors plus the laptop screen. I've never used those adapter things (USB to video) but I hear they are quirky, buggy and a pain the rear end. But I could be totally wrong.
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