help needed in finding profitable day trades

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rpch, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. rpch


    any day trader here to guide me. Did anyone of you tried day trading chat rooms. advice needed on which one is good.

  2. This forum is all you need.

    Example: "Emini divergence journal".

    Very simple & profitable.
  3. Awash



    There's a wealth of information available here at ET. You just have to dig in. For starters, I'll provide you with a reliable thread that'll get you started on the right path. Read:

    Immediately afterward, continue digging and searching for more valuable trading info because it's here. Wish you the best. Happy Trading!

    And always stay committed to learning the most you can!!!!!!!!!
  4. rpch


    I was looking for day trading stocks. Also would ameritrade provide for day trading e-minis
  5. Are you guys still looking for the same help?